Cowles, Smith Named Roles Yachtswoman, Yachtsman of the 2018 Year

The world champion of J/70 named Jud Smith from Gloucester, Mass and International 420 of Girl Sailing Champions (World) Emma Cowles from New York and Carmen were selected as the Rolex Yachtswomen and Yachtsman of the year for their performances of sailing in the year 2018.

The selection was the follow up of the announcement in the month of the January of the 3 women and 3 men who were officially shortlisted for these honorable awards and is also recognized as the top performers of the sailing of the year by the Sailing of US.
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Lulla Belle Joins INSS Fleet

The renowned Ireland and Round Britain Race competitor Lulla Belle is all set to join the Irish National Sailing and Powerboat School fleet. To start with the First 36.7 has commenced, and takes on Day Skipper and Competent Crew duties in addition to being prepared for race charter. Kenneth Rumball, the chief instructor explains the new skills Lulla Belle has brought to the school. He says there is an enhanced downstairs space which offers utmost comfort for students in addition to good water performance that would maximize the experience of the course.

Lulla Belle joined the school with high racing pedigree besides great success achieved in the Sevenstar Round Britain & Ireland Race in 2014. She also won in the double handed class, IRC4 and finished in 5th place overall. Rumball says she is a regular teacher on the race course which is the topmost priority as far as the school’s requirement is concerned. This way, she would ensure that her teaching routine will help for charter for most events and also help to maintain a specific racing and training sail inventory. It’s needless to say that Lulla Belle is a highly competitive player and recently underwent a rigorous grooming session and passed the Department of Marine license. Also, she competed in her 1st ever Competent Crew & Day Skipper Classes post her return from charter.
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Parlier And Moroz Are Kite World Champions

The Formula Kite World championship was held in Oman and was an evenly contested event. The winner of the men’s kite world championship was Nico Parlier from France. He had a very good and dramatic week in Oman and finally was able to win the title. It was a close to perfect display by Nico in Oman for a week and this is what landed him the world championship title. He showed great pace and was guaranteed of winning the title even before the start of the last race. That was the dominance showcased by Nico. This world championship title is an addition to the KiteFoil Class word title that he had earned in Italy last month.

Parlier said that he was very excited about the form that he had shown in Oman. He acknowledged that the competition is getting harder and faced some tough challenges. The speed is improving with every event and is happy that the standard of this sport is picking up.
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The incident in the fourth leg of the Volvo Ocean Race (VOC) has reminded Peter Burling of the dangers involved in the sport. The double Gold medallist watched the fourth leg of the race in New Zealand after being excused from Team Brunel in a pre-planned break from the race.

Burling is expected to rejoin his team early next month when they begin the trip to Auckland. He says going forward safety will be a major issue following the incident with Vestas 11th Hour Racing. The leg from Melbourne to Hong Kong saw an incident involving the racing vessel and a fishing vessel. It happened 30 miles off the coast of Hong Kong on Saturday. The 10 crew members were thrown into the sea while the fisherman was injured and then rushed to the hospital where he later died. Continue reading “4TH LEG INCIDENT REMINDS BURLING OF SAILING DANGERS”